Anonymous asked: ily


yea h i’m gonna remake

nobody will want my new blog so bye

i am sorry if i offended anyone, i am a horrible bitch and i accept that 

ok i’m done, deleting every other message b/c i can’t deal with this every time i give an opinion on here 

Anonymous asked: but how do you know? maybe the anon actually does have a Legitimate panic attack whenever they see a spider. have you considered that.

i havent’ even fucking reblogged a spider i was talking about every day things like vegetables people want tagged jfc i don’t understand this website

rinruu said: this anon. tbh i saw their last post and it saddens me how loose the word panic attack is thrown around nowadays

yes, same, it’s become more of a hype than an actual serious thing.

Anonymous asked: I'm really with you on this. The only things that I generally ask to be tagged are spoilers. Because it's not fun to be spoiled of things you like!


i have a phobia of anons please stop

Anonymous asked: thats the fucking POINT of phobias you ignorant fuck, theyre fucking IRRATIONAL. but even so, people cant!!! help it!!! so maybe you should stop being an asshole and try being a little more understanding


ohohoho this is getting heated

Anonymous asked: i kinda understand where you're coming from, actually. i mean, i'm terrified of roaches but if i saw someone reblogging pics of them (god knows why???), i'd ignore it and move on because tagging takes time and makes reblogging a lot more difficult and honestly, it's a personal problem, i shouldn't bring other people into it

yes, thank you, i am actually afraid of slugs and snails myself but i don’t ask people to fucking tag them every time, you can’t tag things in real life, jfc.

Anonymous asked: um. well guess what people cant really help what disorder they have and what theyre afraid of. i have severe arachnophobia and i definitely didnt choose to have a panic attack every fucking time i see a spider. like. people really cant influnce this??? youre an inconsiderate bag of dicks tbh

ok. i really just do not understand it, i guess we’ve all just domesticated ourselves too much in this day and age and some find simple, everyday things remotely terrifying for some strange reason, which i cannot comprehend because you come into contact with them daily.